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Corporate housing programs

For many years, the Company has had the Integrated Housing Program in place, which includes corporate mortgages, provision of corporate housing and housing construction.

Based on the results of the implementation of the mortgage program in 2017, 829 loans were granted to employees for a total amount of 642.6 million rubles.

In 2017, work continued with the partner banks: ‑ the Russian Regional Development Bank and Far Eastern Bank. As a result, the mortgage program rate for employees was reduced to 9.2%.

Out-of-town high-skilled workers of PJSC NK Rosneft are provided with temporary corporate housing. In October 2017 the Group Companies put into effect the Regulation on the Provision of Rented Apartments for Out-Of-Town Invited Employees, which optimized the management of the corporate housing maintenance fund.

If there are no available corporate apartments in the region, the enterprises compensate for out-of-town workers the cost of renting housing in accordance with the Company's Regulation Procedure for Compensating Housing Expenses for Employees of Group Companies Invited to Work from Another Region.

In addition, in order to attract highly qualified employees to work in remote regions, the Company also builds residential buildings.