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Healthcare and personal insurance

In 2017, PJSC NK Rosneft continued to implement a set of measures in the field of personnel health care aimed at providing employees with timely and high-quality medical care, organizing health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment, preventing diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Developing the medical support system and providing emergency medical care

To improve the quality of medical care at industrial facilities and protect the health of the Company's employees, a number of measures are being implemented in the main areas:

  • Equipping health posts with modern equipment;
  • Pre-hospitalization emergency medical aid trainings;
  • Industrial health post armarium audits and monitoring the competencies of medical personnel;
  • Prevention of diseases and the development of a healthy lifestyle culture.

In 2017, the modernization of all 197 industrial health posts in Group Companies was completed in accordance with the unified corporate standards. All health posts are equipped with medical equipment to provide emergency medical aid and evacuation from remote regions.

The program for the development of ambulance aircraft evacuation for 2017 - 2018 is being implemented; unified approaches have been introduced in this area. At the level of Group Companies, detailed instructions for the organization of ambulance aircraft evacuation have been developed.

For regular testing of the functionality of emergency medical response, the Company uses a system of medical exercises at various levels. On an annual basis, large-scale exercises are organized in Group Companies and centralized control is exercised over them. In 2017, the exercises were conducted in 28 Group Companies.

To reduce the risks of disease development, we have developed a medical regulation for the pre-medical examination if workers who perform work on a rotational basis and started its introduction at enterprises.

Training of health professionals

Considering the need to continuously improve the professional skills and competencies of specialists in charge of industrial healthcare and health post personnel, we have developed, jointly with the R7D Foundation of the Moscow State University, programs for short-term trainings in modern standards of emergency medical care provision in case of trauma and cardiopulmonary resuscitation using mobile medical equipment.

Systematically, telemedicine trainings are conducted, in which more than 500 workers of health posts take part annually. In 2018, an additional on-site training was held on the basis of PJSC Varyeganneftegaz, attended by 36 representatives of the Group Companies of the Nizhnevartovsk Area and Tomsk Region.

In order to improve the quality of medical care for employees, the Corporate Competence Development Program for Specialists Dealing with Industrial Medicine and Health Care for the years 2018-2020 is being implemented. The program includes sections on the organization of medical support for industrial facilities, the issues of occupational pathology, the basics of business planning, general and medical management and legislation in terms of providing medical care to employees.

Review Board for Industrial Medicine

To improve the medical support system and develop the health care system, the Company operates a non-permanent review board for industrial medicine, which includes doctors, specialists in industrial medicine of the Company's Management Apparatus and  Group Companies.

In 2017, members of the review board for industrial medicine conducted comprehensive audits of 69 health posts of Group Companies, developed corrective measures and provided methodological assistance to effectively organize a medical support system at industrial production facilities. The audit of 54 health posts is planned for 2018.

Health protection and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

In order to assess and manage the health risks of the Company's employees, the unified medical information system Program for Comprehensive Monitoring and Analysis of the Quality of Medical Care at the Company's Production Facilities operates in the framework of cooperation with the Moscow State University. Annually received analytical data help form the basis for planning activities for the development of the industrial medicine system, improving the quality of medical support and monitoring the health status of the Company's employees.

Currently, on the basis of 24 Group Companies, the work of shop therapist services has been organized, which are in charge of morbidity issues, monitor compliance with the requirements of mandatory medical examinations and the health status of employees of early treatment center teams

The successful implementation of the Live Longer! Corporate program for development of a healthy lifestyle culture Within the unique program, the Company positively influences the reduction of morbidity, promotes a healthy lifestyle among employees, as well as massively involves employees of different ages and physical training levels in sports events.

To preserve professional longevity, prevent temporary work incapacity, disability and early mortality due to cardiovascular diseases of employees, Group Companies implement the Program for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases. In 2017, under the program, more than 11,000 employees received outpatient, and more than 1,000 - inpatient treatment, and 34 employees received high-tech treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The measures being implemented help apply a comprehensive approach to preserving the health of workers and minimizing the consequences of accidents at work.

New development vector

The strategic initiative of the Company - Modern Medicine 2018-2022 sets a qualitatively new development vector in the field of industrial medicine and health protection for the Company's employees, aimed at further development of industrial health posts, the widespread use and development of telemedicine technologies, the introduction of preventive programs of clinical screening for the early detection and treatment of life-threatening diseases.

 The Company's socially-oriented initiative for the development of industrial medicine organically includes the priorities of public health development aimed at the development of primary health care level, increasing availability of medical assistance through the dissemination of telemedicine technologies, and the development of programs for clinical examination.

Recreation and rehabilitation

The most important element of social protection of workers, members of their families and retired veterans of labor is sanatorium and recreation treatment and rehabilitation. In 2017, 75.8 thousand people improved their health in the Company, including 39.8 thousand people in the health resorts of Group Companies.

The Company has been implementing a program for the rehabilitation of workers and their families in the Republic of Cuba since 2013. During this period, about 10 thousand employees of the Company and their family members have rested and recovered at Kuban region resorts.

Voluntary health insurance

An integral part of the social benefits package of the Company's employees is voluntary medical insurance. According to the results of 2017, the number of insured workers reached more than 270 thousand people. When organizing voluntary medical insurance coverage for the Company's personnel, an urgent task is to improve the quality of services for the insured, that is why in 2018 emphasis was placed on obtaining feedback about the quality of medical care provided in clinics and the work of the insurance company. All claims are sent to a single e-mail address, promptly reviewed by specialists and the necessary measures are taken to resolve the issues that have arisen.

Accident insurance is another important component of the social benefits package of employees working in the Companies of PJSC NK Rosneft Group. In 2017, more than 290 thousand people were insured against accidents. The insurance covers both the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad and is valid 24 hours a day. This type of insurance includes substantial material support for an employee who has received an industrial trauma, and in the event of a disability or death - financial support for his/her family.

Corporate approaches to providing personnel with voluntary accident insurance continue to be introduced in the contracting organizations of the Company.