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Healthcare and personal insurance

In 2016, Rosneft continued to successfully implement a range of personnel healthcare projects aimed at providing employees with timely and high-quality medical care, organizing health promotion and resort treatment, preventing diseases and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Rosneft’s expenses for maintaining the personnel healthcare in 2016 amounted to 3.3 billion rubles.

Developing a system for maintaining personnel healthcare and wellness

In order to organize and coordinate activities aimed at developing industrial medicine and protecting employees’ health, in 2016, as in previous years, the Expert Council for Industrial Medicine was called. The Council included physicians and specialists in industrial medicine of the Group Companies, its most important achievements being the audit of the medical support system and the organization of emergency medical care. A total of 159 health audits were held in 39 Group Companies. As a result of the audit, the members of the Expert Council prepared standardized reports and compiled a list of corrective action.

The Company pays close attention to the methodological assistance and support of health professionals at regional operational facilities. Within the joint project with Moscow State University on training medical personnel of the Company's first aid facilities, 10 remote training sessions on modern standards of emergency medical care and occupational pathology were conducted for over 400 medical staff of the Group Companies’ health facilities.

Within the joint project with the Moscow State University, in 2016, the implementation of the developed program for comprehensive quality analysis and monitoring of the Company employees’ health was launched. In the course of the implementation, a preliminary assessment of 38 largest Group Companies was performed, covering a total average annual headcount of 98,914 employees.

For each company, six indicator groups were analyzed in the following areas:

  • illness and injury rate;
  • medical care;
  • organizing the work of health centers;
  • results of initial medical examinations;
  • personal insurance;
  • recreational treatment.

The collected information was analyzed by the specialists of Moscow State University and Rosneft, based on which recommendations were developed to improve the management system for the health care of the Company's personnel.

Emergency medicine

In 2016, the Company paid significant attention to the development of emergency medical care at operational facilities and the evacuation of injured and sick employees from operational facilities. In the reporting period, a range of wide-scale activities was performed to improve the emergency medical care system for the personnel using sanitary aviation in the Vankor field. In 2016, the following initiatives were implemented:

  • first aid centers were supplied with modern medical equipment and tele-medical modules for remote consulting with specialists from the Krasnoyarsk District Clinical Hospital;
  • a first aid station was opened at the Igarka airport, supplied with intensive care equipment;
  • the surgical department of the Igarka City Hospital was repaired and supplied with modern medical equipment;
  • the road from the hospital to the city heliport was repaired.

Industrial medicine

In 2016, we continued work on the development of the Center for Industrial Medicine and High Technologies (CIM&HT) organized at Occupational Health Facility No. 36 (OHF) in Angarsk. The OHF structure includes, among others, a multidisciplinary polyclinic for 685 visits per shift, a 24-hour hospital housing 195 beds and an ambulance department. At present, the OHF provides the entire range of industrial medicine services. In the reporting period, based on the CIM&HT, emergency medical care and medical evacuation were organized in 19 industrial health centers, including:

  • at the operations site of JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Complex - 7 first aid centers;
  • at the recreation bases of JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Complex - 4 first aid centers;
  • in Irkutsk - 2 first aid centers;
  • in the north of Irkutsk Region - 4 first aid centers;
  • in the Republic of Sakha Yakutia - 2 first aid centers.

These sites regularly conduct medical examinations, health check-ups, treatment, preventive activities and vaccinations, continually monitor the health of staff and analyze occupational diseases.

An important aspect of the industrial medicine development in the Company is the prevention of various diseases. In 2016, for the first time, the Corporate Program for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases was implemented in JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Complex based on Occupational Health Facility No. 36 in Angarsk. Within the program, over 7,000 employees were examined. Following the checkup results, the Program physician conducted a thorough medical examination of all participants and assigned outpatient or in-patient treatment accordingly, and issued recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The Program was recognized as a successful pilot project, based on which such events will be implemented in other Group Companies in 2017-2019.

Recreational treatment

The wellness, rehabilitation and recreational treatment and health improvement activities are most important elements of social security provided to the Company employees, their families and retired labor veterans. In 2016, the Company provided such services to 55,460 people, including 53,410 people attending the health resorts of Krasnodar Territory, Belokurikha, Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia.

Since 2013, the Company has been implementing a recreation program for the employees and their families in the Republic of Cuba. Over the three years, about 6 thousand employees of the Group Companies and their families spent holidays in the Cuban resorts.

Supplementary health insurance

The social security package of Rosneft employees includes supplementary (voluntary) medical insurance. The voluntary medical insurance program for the Company's personnel is aimed at improving the quality of services for the insured, expanding the list of medical services employees can receive under the supplementary insurance policy, cooperating with the best regional medical institutions in Russia. By the end of 2016, the number of insured employees reached over 200 thousand people under supplementary health insurance contracts and 220 thousand people under contracts of voluntary insurance against accidents. Company’s contractors are also encouraged to continue providing voluntary insurance against accidents to their personnel.

In order to ensure the uniform process of organizing supplementary health insurance in the Group Companies, 18 health insurance programs were developed in the reporting year for various categories of employees and regions where the Group Companies operate. New types of insurance were introduced: international medical insurance for employees, medical insurance for foreign employees and members of their families. In 2016, in order to improve the development of the supplementary health insurance system, the Group Companies were assigned the authority to expand the range of supplementary health insurance services independently.