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27 July 2021 15:32

Scientists from Tomsk State University (TSU), who are studying the migration of plastic microparticles in the environment, have completed the first stage of the survey of the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River, a large tributary of the Yenisei, located in the Evenki municipal district.

23 July 2021 15:30

World Whale and Dolphin Day is celebrated annually on 23 July.

23 July 2021 15:25

More than 12 million fry of valuable fish species were released into the river systems of Russia by employees of Rosneft.

21 July 2021 15:27

The Kuibyshev Refinery, part of Rosneft’s oil refining unit, has installed an urban eco-monitor, a special LED screen that will broadcast data on the air condition in the enterprise’s sanitary protection zone around the clock.

20 July 2021 16:02

The Novokuibyshevsk refinery has signed an agreement with Samara State Technical University to implement a joint environmental programme.

16 July 2021 15:23

Bashneft – part of Rosneft – has carried out the largest landscaping of the territory over the past 20 years.

15 July 2021 15:21

Rosneft-Bunker bunkered the legendary training sailing vessel Khersones in the port of Novorossiysk with eco-friendly fuel.

13 July 2021 15:19

Subsidiaries of the Company, following the results of the implementation of nature restoration measures in 2020, reclaimed about 15,000 hectares of land.

08 July 2021 11:17

The specialists of Udmurtneft, operated by Rosneft and Sinopec, have successfully tested and implemented a modern monitoring system that controls the temperature and pressure during the repair work of the tank farm, and keeps records of the data received.

07 July 2021 17:20

In 2020, Rosneft brought the ratio of recycled and re-used water in its operations to 94%.