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03 March 2021 15:05

Today celebrates World Wildlife Day, established by the UN General Assembly in 2013.

02 March 2021 09:25

In 2020, Bashneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, invested 5.6 billion roubles in environment-oriented projects across the territory of its operation.

01 March 2021 09:29

The Syzran refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s refinery complex, has received 1.9 billion roubles of economic effect from the implementation of the operational efficiency improvement (OEI) programme in 2020, exceeding last year’s indicators by 20%. Under the OEI activities, the conversion rate rose by 1.8% to 79.83%.

26 February 2021 13:36

Rosneft presented the Company’s environmental development concept.

26 February 2021 11:26

The International Polar Bear Day is annually celebrated on the 27th of February in order to draw additional attention to the protection of the biggest terrestrial carnivore on our planet.

19 February 2021 16:15

The Komsomolsk Refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company refining complex, invested more than 790 million roubles in environment-oriented assets in 2018 through 2020.

10 February 2021 10:35

The Syzran Oil Refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s refining complex, has been given the most significant award of the 16th Russian Contest “Leader of Environmental Protection in Russia – 2020” in the Best Environmental Policy in Refining nomination.

08 February 2021 11:13

Orenburgneft, part of the Rosneft Oil Company oil-producing complex, invested more than 1.9 billion roubles in the implementation of environment-oriented and natural rehabilitation activities in 2020

27 January 2021 13:16

In 2020, employees of RN-Nyaganneftegaz (an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company) planted over 280,000 seedlings of Siberian pine and Baltic pine as part of the reforestation programme.

25 January 2021 14:57

The Euro 6 motor gasoline produced by the Saratov Refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company refining complex, has been awarded the Russian Quality label.