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Rosneft Starts Selling Euro 6 Gasoline at Gas Stations in Moscow and Moscow Region

16 December 2019

Rosneft Oil Company expands the sales of high-octane gasoline with enhanced environmental properties RON-95-K5 Euro 6 and Pulsar 95 Euro 6. Supplies of the new fuel have begun to Rosneft’s gas stations in Moscow. The transition to the new fuel in Moscow Region will be implemented step by step, taking into account the technical and logistical capabilities of the Company’s retail network. By the end of December, Euro 6 fuel will be available at the Company’s 292 filling stations in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Being an environmentally responsible entity, Rosneft Oil Company carries on improving the production of innovative petroleum-based products. The production and sales of RON-95-K5 Euro 6 gasoline is the Company’s contribution to environment protection.

The Euro 6 motor fuel contains significantly less sulphur (by 20-40%), benzol (no more than 0.8%), and aromatic hydrocarbons (no more than 32%) that reduces the toxicity of exhaust fumes. The use of Euro 6 gasoline makes it possible to reduce the number of deposits in induction valves by 12.5% and the number of deposits in the engine compression chamber by 12.7%.

In 2018, the Company was the first in Russia to start producing and selling Euro 6 gasoline with enhanced environmental properties. Euro 6 gasoline is currently sold at 578 of the Company’s gas stations in Bashkiria, Krasnodar Territory, Tula, Kaluga, and Ryazan Regions, as well as by small wholesale.

Due to large-scale modernization of the refineries and changes in fuel production technology, including the blend composition, the Company was able to develop a unique production algorithm, which allowed not only to significantly enhance environmental properties of the gasoline but also to do so without compromising production costs.

Euro 6 gasoline will be supplied to Moscow Region mainly by Rosneft’s Ryazan Oil Refining Company. At present, the production of RON-95-K5 Euro 6 has
been set up at the Ufa group’s plants and Saratov refinery.

Note for Editors:

The formula and production technology were developed by specialists of the Rosneft’s corporate R&D complex and a number of refineries of the Company.

In order to produce these improved types of gasoline Rosneft has set more stringent requirements for six key indicators. Euro 6 gasoline contains:

  • less sulphur, which reduces corrosive activity and improves environmental properties;
  • less benzol in order to reduce the toxicity of exhaust fumes;
  • less olefin hydrocarbons that cause carbon deposits in the engine in the combustion process;
  • less aromatic hydrocarbons that also made possible to reduce the number of carbon deposits in the inner parts of engines;
  • less resins;
  • higher fuel stability during storage.

The use of Euro 6 gasoline reduces the concentration of most toxic compounds of exhaust fumes, such as carbon monoxide, different hydrocarbon compounds, and different nitrogen oxides.

The high-performance characteristics of Euro 6 types of gasoline are confirmed by the All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining (VNIINP). Upon the results of qualification tests, VNIINP experts have recommended Euro 6 gasoline with improved environmental and performance characteristics for production and use in automobile vehicles.

In November 2019, Euro 6 gasoline with enhanced environmental properties RON-95-K5 Euro 6 produced by Ryazan Oil Refining Company and Saratov refinery was awarded by the All-Russian contest of the Program "100 Best Goods of Russia".

Euro 6 gasoline became a laureate in the category "Industrial and Technical Products", and also became one of the 100 best goods of Russia, having received the "Golden 100" diploma. In addition, gasoline was given the status of "Novelty of the Year".

December 16, 2019