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Rosneft Sets Drilling Data Monitoring Stations with Artificial Intelligence Elements at Heavy Drilling Rigs

17 October 2019

Rosneft has set drilling data monitoring stations with artificial intelligence elements at heavy drilling rigs. It was reported by the First Vice-President of Rosneft Oil Company Eric Liron during his speech at the annual V Conference of the Company «Technologies in the Field of Exploration and Production».

«In the last five years, the volume of drilling in the Company increased more than twice. Increasingly more complex downhole and ground-level equipment is used at the well-drilling stage. Thanks to digital technologies, the Company’s specialists were able to remotely monitor and support the drilling process in real time. Rosneft currently has 10 remote expert support stations for drilling processes. Drilling data monitoring stations with artificial intelligence capabilities are now installed on 97 per cent of heavy drilling rigs,» Eric Liron noted.

As part of the conference, work was organised in 10 sections for the most up-to-date spheres of industry development, as well as a plenary session and round-table discussions in which representatives of the Company’s production enterprises and renowned scientific experts took part. An exhibition area worked for the participants of the conference, where one could get the information about Rosneft’s corporate contractors and their technological novelties.

Eric Liron also noted that the Company, under the Rosneft-2022 Strategy, pays special attention to innovative activity and the use of advanced digital and technological solutions, actively introducing them in all areas of the Company’s operations.

The Company has its own large-scale corporate lineup of Upstream specialized software complexes that cover the whole business process. At the moment, no company has such a unified complex in Russia.

From the beginning of 2019, the Company initiated a number of innovative projects implementation of which will enable Rosneft to decrease its dependence from foreign analogues and present competitive products on international markets.

The company is systematically increasing the share of horizontal wells - their number increased in four times during the last five years and now amounts to 48%. In September the specialists of the Company drilled the ten-thousandth horizontal well. Construction of multilateral and multihole wells is required for including deposits from solid formations that currently amount to 10% of the total oil production of the Company.

The first Russian digital hydrofracturing modelling complex (RN-GRID) developed in 2017 has already performed over 6,500 successful operations for hydrofracturing modelling. For these years Rosneft unique software complex became the first Russian product with world-class capacity in this area. 

Note for Editors:

Theoretical background required for successful implementation of the Company’s strategy was ensured by the Rosneft corporate Research and Development complex including 31 scientific research and project institute. R&D complex of Rosneft has made a number of inventions and scientific discoveries of a breakthrough importance not only for the Company but for the whole oil and gas industry.

Rosneft Digital Strategy provides for further development of IT systems. It will include the development of artificial intelligence that will lead to a significant reduction of drilling risks due to active forecasting, and the creation of a robotic drilling outfit.

Information Division
 October 17, 2019