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Rosneft starts the construction of modern fuel supply complex at the international airport Pulkovo

02 June 2019

Igor Sechin, chief executive director of Russian oil company Rosneft, participated in the official foundation stone ceremony for a new fuel supply complex at the Pulkovo International Airport (Saint Petersburg).  This project is going to be implemented by the subsidiaries of Rosneft and VTB bank with the joint venture Pulkovo fuel supply complex.

The official ceremony was also attended by the interim governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov, the deputy president-chairman of VTB bank Denis Bortnikov, the governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko and General Director of Northern Capital Gateway LLC (Pulkovo) Leonid Sergeev.

Pulkovo fuel supply complex, with Rosneft Aero as its major shareholder, is going to become the most advanced fueling complex in Russia, able to meet the growing air hub's demand for quality jet fuel while producing additional jobs.  The designed capacity of Pulkovo fuel supply complex is 300,000 metric tons of kerosene-type jet fuel that accounts for about 50% of annual fueling volumes considering the plans for airport expansion. The development of jet fueling business is a key direction for the Company activities.  For the present day Rosneft owns a state-of-the-industry network of fuel supply complexes that includes 21 objects in the essential regions of Russia and abroad as well as performing in-plane fueling in 42 Russian and foreign airports.  By the end of 2018 Rosneft Aero, the operator of Rosneft's filling business, refuelled more than 200,000 aircrafts.  The share of the Company at jet fuel production for 2018 was 32.6%.

The project of Pulkovo fuel supply complex involves the creation of fueling infrastructure complex including:

  • systems of fuel hydrants under the airport apron;
  • fuel storage facilities with a total capacity of 16,000 m3;
  • pump filtration station and fuel line;
  • aircraft fuel loading points to airfield refuelers;
  • railway tracks and overpasses for 12 railway tanks.

The development of infrastructure and the emergence of a modern fuel supply complex with a centralized filling system will increase the attractiveness of Pulkovo airport as a transit hub for long-haul carriers supported by increasing the speed of service.

The construction project for the Pulkovo fuel supply complex is being implemented as a part of the Company's strategy to expand its own network of refueling complexes and to increase the supplies of jet fuel to final consumers. As a leader in the Russian jet fuel market Rosneft has unique experience in creating and managing modern airport fuel infrastructure facilities. The company has successfully implemented a number of significant projects in key regions of the country, including the largest for the last 30 years - the construction of a refueling complex at the Knevichi airport in Vladivostok.

Rosneft pays special attention to the development of airport fuel infrastructure facilities in the capital of Russia where the Company's refueling complexes play a key role and in the Russian regions.  The Company's presence at regional airports including the airports of Sakhalin, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Sochi and Anapa, contributes to the efficiency of this air hubs and makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the regions.

"The construction of the Pulkovo Fuel Supply Complex is the further Company's project work on the development of regional transport infrastructure," said Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft at the ceremony. - Project investments will be more than 3 billion rubles. The new fuel supply complex with the capacity of 300 thousand tons of aviation kerosene per year will fully comply with modern world standards and significantly increase the attractiveness of Pulkovo as a transit hub for long-haul carriers.

The successful implementation of this project will contribute to the solution of strategic tasks of aircraft fuel supply development in the aviation hub of St. Petersburg.

"The Government of St. Petersburg recognized the project as a strategic one," said Rosneft's Chief Executive Officer. - "Its implementation will provide the city with a number of advantages, such as new jobs formation, attraction of investments, as well as additional tax revenues to the budget."

"Nowadays more than 500 companies of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region are accredited partners of our Company. The amount of investments in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region by Rosneft totalled 5.8 billion rubles in 2018", - said Igor Sechin.

Rosneft's 59 filling stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region provide steady supply of quality petroleum-based products to regional consumers. The Company also provides services of vessel towing and bunkering, along with the supply of lubricants of its own production. As a part of its sales network development, Rosneft is implementing a construction project of modern multifunctional complex "Vladimirovsky" in Western Ladoga region.

By laying the first foundation stone of the fuel supply complex today we are setting a goal to create a modern fuel infrastructure, which in the future will meet all the needs of the air hub with growing passenger traffic", - said Igor Sechin.

Note for Editors:

In 2016, the project for the construction of a fuel supply complex at Pulkovo International Airport was awarded the status of a strategic investment project in St. Petersburg by the Government of St. Petersburg.

Pulkovo Airport is one of the largest airports in Russia, with significant development potential. In 2018, Pulkovo served a record 18.1 million passengers, becoming Russia's second largest air hub after Moscow. 75 airlines, 26 Russian and 49 foreign, operate flights from Pulkovo.

Growing passenger traffic from Europe and China is one of the main driving forces of Pulkovo airport infrastructure development. The construction of a modern fuel supply complex will allow the air hub to become the most important one in the North-Western region, contributing its part to the development of the area.

"RN-Aero" is the operator of Rosneft's aircraft fuelling business. Since 2008, the company has been selling aviation fuel, along with providing a full range of services in supplying of aviation kerosene and aircraft refuelling management in the airports of Russia and the CIS countries. According to the results of 2018 RN-Aero's refueling volume at St. Petersburg Airport increased by more than 47% compared to 2017, reaching 11% of the airport's total demand. .

Rosneft currently provides an into-wing fueling services at 42 Russian and foreign airports, including Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, and Domodedovo, as well as Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi (Georgia), Ulan Bator (Mongolia), St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Anapa, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, etc.

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2 June, 2019

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