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Rosneft Becomes Member of National Gas-Vehicle Association

19 March 2019

RN Gas Fuel Company, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, has become a member of the National Gas-Vehicle Association where it will continue to develop the gas-vehicle market and increase the level of use of natural gas as motor fuel.

The National Gas-Vehicle Association is an industrial solutions development platform that engages design engineers, builders, owners of CNG filling stations, equipment and vehicle manufacturers, biggest consumers, and financial institutions.

Rosneft considers the development of the CNG filling network in Russia one of its key priorities in retail: the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as motor fuel allows consumers increasing their maximum mileage on a single tank, improving the efficiency of their vehicles by reducing the cost of transportation, and significantly downgrading the negative impact of road transport on the environment. This complies with the Rosneft-2022 Strategy and the Presidential Order to boost the development of the natural gas fuel market.

At the moment, Rosneft’s network comprises 11 CNG filling stations. The Company intends to further develop the gas-filling infrastructure in the Russian regions, in line with the market needs. To do that, there is a CNG marketing network development programme, as well as an agreement on JV creation with Beijing Gas signed in 2018 in order to develop the gas-filling network. The parties plan to build about 170 CNG filling stations in Russia by 2028; they also discuss a possibility of using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as motor fuel.

Note for Editors:

The main task of RN Gas Fuel Company is to develop Rosneft’s network of monofuel CNG filling stations.

The National Gas-Vehicle Association aims at increasing the gas-fuelled vehicle park via:

  • improving the regulatory base and lifting restrictions on gas-fuelled vehicles use; these include facilitating the vehicle register procedures and requirements for gas-filling infrastructure objects;
  • contributing to the improvement of the gas-filling infrastructure, also with strengthening of market participants support mechanisms;
  • and promotion of natural gas as motor fuel in media space.

Compressed natural gas is used as motor fuel as a substitute for gasoline, diesel and propane-butane (LPG). CNG is substantially cheaper than traditional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel. The use of CNG for vehicles increases the service interval, lessens engine wear, and significantly reduces the content of harmful substances in the exhaust fumes.

Rosneft has a special focus on the quality of CNG on its filling stations. There is a multistage quality control system applied during the CNG production, its transportation, and then at filling vehicles.

March 19, 2019