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Rosneft starts production and sales of Euro 6 gasolines with improved environmental indicators

10 April 2018

Rosneft has started industrial production of improved high-octane gasolines (including branded ones) far outstripping currently produced in Russia fuels of Class 5 by environmental indicators and performance characteristics. As a pilot project the Company will launch sales of improved high-octane gasoline brands RON-95-K5 Euro 6 and ATUM-95 Euro 6 through its retail network in Baskortostan.

In order to produce these improved gasolines the Company has developed a new production technology and has set more stringent requirements for six key indicators.

Euro 6 gasolines:

  • contain less sulfur in order to reduce corrosive activity;
  • contain less benzene in order to reduce toxicity of exhaust fumes;
  • contain less olefinic hydrocarbons that cause carbon deposits in the engine in the combustion process;
  • contain less aromatic hydrocarbons that also made possible to reduce the amount of carbon deposits in the inner parts of engines;
  • contain less resins;
  • feature higher fuel stability during storage.

These indicators in total due to reduced amount of deposits prevent engine from wear, increase the service life of exhaust gases neutralization system and reduce the toxicity of exhaust fumes.

New gasolines contain less components that cause excessive carbon deposition on engine details which is proved by relevant tests. Thus the deposit amount on induction valves is reduced by 12,5% and deposit amount in combustion chambers is reduced by 12,7%.

The concentration of the most toxic compounds has been reduced:

- carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the exhaust - by 9,5%;

- CH (different hydrocarbon compounds) - by 3,6%;

- NOx (different nitrogen oxides) - by 3,9%;

Currently no fuel with such environmental and performance characteristics is produced in Europe.

High performance characteristics of Euro 6 gasolines are confirmed by All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining (VNIINP). As a result of qualification tests VNIINP experts have recommended Euro 6 gasolines with improved environmental and performance characteristics for production and use in automobile vehicles.

The recipe and the production technology were developed by specialists of the Company scientific complex and of several Company refineries.

Rosneft is highly concerned about the ecology. Start of RON-95-K5 Euro 6 and ATUM-95 Euro 6 production is the additional Company contribution into environment protection. Use of new ecologically friendly type of gasolines will help to minimize automobile transport impact on the air environment and to improve ecological situation which is especially relevant for large cities.

Production of high-tech fuels and petroleum products at the Company refineries is carried out in accordance with the provisions of NK Rosneft new development Strategy until 2022, one of the key areas of which is to ensure the technological leadership of the Company in all aspects of its operations.