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Igor Sechin Spoke at the VI Russian-Japanese Investment Forum in Tokyo

19 March 2014

Rosneft President, Chairman of the Management Board Igor Sechin spoke at the VI Russian-Japanese investment forum with “Rosneft Investment Opportunities and Projects – Potential for Cooperation with Japan” report.

The head of Rosneft introduced such promising strategic projects of the Company in the Far East as “construction of the Far East LNG plant”, “Eastern Petroleum Company”, and other projects in the region of extraction and refining.

‘We offer significant expansion of investment opportunities for Japanese companies by joining highly profitable upstream and downstream companies in Russia with minimum risk,’ Igor Sechin emphasized in his report. ‘Today I want to make Japanese investors an integral offer. We are not only seeking to engage partners in different projects, but also ready to discuss joint investment activities over the entire production chain, i.e. extraction, infrastructure, refining, and transportation of energy. Far East projects of Rosneft are the perfect source of supplies for Japan, considering proximity to markets and short transport leg. Rosneft is ready to attract interested eastern partners for the development of oil and gas fields in Russia, development of oil refining and petrochemical industry to provide global energy security and secure the worldwide supply of energy.’

Extraction of even 1/10 of reserves of Russia’s continental shelf means value creation of approx. 2.5 trillion US dollars of modern prices. This will require investments of at least $400 billion. It is clear that implementation of such a large-scale project requires collective efforts and engagement of qualified partners.

Information Division,
March 19, 2014