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Rosneft and Voronezh Oblast to Promote Automobile Tourism

07 June 2024

At the XXVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Rosneft and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of the Voronezh Oblast signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to promote domestic tourism.

According to the document, the parties plan to implement measures aimed at meeting the demand for domestic automobile tourism, promoting the tourist potential of the region, and improving the comfort of automobile tourists through development of motorway service and Rosneft retail network infrastructure.

Earlier, Rosneft and the Voronezh Tourist Information Center (TIC) presented a joint project to develop automobile tourism including a tourist route through the motorway service facilities available at Rosneft filling stations. The project covers four routes for automobile travel in Voronezh and across the Voronezh Oblast in the following directions: North, South, West, and East. The routes include popular tourist destinations located both in Voronezh and nearby federal highways such as M-4 Don.

Rosneft retail network in the Voronezh Oblast consists of 80 filling stations. Of these, 15 are located on the M4 highway to Voronezh, the main regional transportation artery used by residents of Central Russia to travel to the seaside.

Development of the motorway service facilities and improvement of the customer services provided at Rosneft filling stations is one of the Company priorities.
This contributes to the development of domestic automobile tourism, as the Company retail network is not only the largest in Russia in terms of geographical coverage and number of filling stations (around 3,000 stations), but also one of the leaders in terms of fuel recognition and quality.

Rosneft undertakes a number of actions aimed at creating comfortable conditions for automobile travelers. In addition to the Voronezh Oblast, the Company has so far presented joint tourist routes running through the Rosneft filling stations in the Republic of Karelia, as well as the Tula, Arkhangelsk, and Ulyanovsk Regions, as well as key routes between Moscow and Krasnaya Polyana, and between the two capitals.
On top of that, the Company has previously signed memoranda of cooperation to promote domestic tourism with the Moscow City Tourism Committee, the Government of the Samara Oblast, the Ministry of culture of the Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Altai Territory Department for Tourism and Resort Development, Tourism Agencies of the Ulyanovsk Oblast and the Republic of Udmurtia, and the Republic of Bashkortostan.


Rosneft retail network is the largest in the Russian Federation in terms of geographical coverage and number of stations, and the Rosneft brand of petrol stations is one of the leading brands in Russia in terms of fuel recognition and quality. The Company operates approximately 3,000 filling stations in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Abkhazia.

In addition to high-quality fuel, the Company offers its customers a wide range of goods and services, from stores and cafes to roadside service. For example, customers can stay for the night and get some rest from the long road in roadside hotels and multifunctional complexes of the Company in a number of regions.

The Company is also developing a new customer service at filling stations - food trucks (mobile retail outlets). The Café on Wheels service is available at filling stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions where the retail network operates.

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June 7, 2024

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