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Rosneft Board of Directors recommended payout of dividends at 11.33 rubles per share which is 50 % of the Company's IFRS net profit attributable to Rosneft Oil Company shareholders

16 April 2019

On April 16, 2019 a regular scheduled in-person meeting of Rosneft Board of Directors was held in Moscow to discuss items related to the annual general shareholders meeting of the Company on 2018 performance.

The Board of Directors resolved to call Rosneft Annual General Shareholders Meeting on June 4, 2019 in Saint Petersburg. The deadline for finalizing of the list of eligible participants of the Annual  General Shareholders Meeting of Rosneft is May 10, 2019  (COB).

The Board of Directors approved the following AGM agenda:

  • Approval of the Company's Annual Report.
  • Approval of the Company's annual accounting (financial) statements.
  • Approval of the Company's distribution of profit for 2018.
  • The amount, deadlines and the form of payout of dividends for 2018.
  • Remuneration and compensation of expenses to the members of Rosneft Board of Directors.
  • Remuneration and compensation of expenses to the members of Rosneft Audit Commission.
  • Election of the members to Rosneft Board of Directors.
  • Election of the members to Rosneft Audit Commission.
  • Approval of Rosneft Auditor.

The Board of Directors preliminary approved Rosneft annual report for 2018 and recommended that the AGM passes the resolution to pay dividends at 11 rubles 33 kopecks per one ordinary share of Rosneft thus using 50 % of the IFRS net profit of the Company, attributable to Rosneft Oil Company shareholders  (taking into account payout of dividends for the 1st HY 2018) and sets June 17, 2019 as the deadline for finalizing of the list of persons eligible for the dividends. 

With the dividends paid for the 1st HY 2018 at 14 rubles 58 kopeks per share the total dividend per one share for 2018 will be 25 rubles and 91 kopecks. The amount that will be paid out as dividends by Rosneft Oil Company in addition to the 1st HY 2018 payout will be 120.1 bln rubles.

The Board of Directors recommended appointing LLC Ernst & Young as the Company’s auditor of 2019 RAS and IFRS financial statements, and defined the amount of the auditor's fee. 

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April 16, 2019

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