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Rosneft and the Republic of Karelia present a joint project to develop car tourism

31 May 2024

Rosneft together with the Tourist Information Centre of the Republic of Karelia presented the project ‘Auto routes of Karelia’ aimed at the development of car tourism.

The project was presented in the exhibition centre of the Kizhi Open-Air Museum and at Rosneft filling stations in Petrozavodsk. The filling stations also organized an informative quiz with souvenirs for the participants of the event.

Rosneft, which owns the largest network of filling stations in Russia, actively supports the development of domestic car tourism. The Company implements a number of measures to create the most comfortable conditions for car travellers.

The project has developed four exciting routes for car travellers, passing through popular tourist destinations and key sights of the Republic of Karelia. Three routes (‘Ladoga Ring’, ‘Onega Ring’ and ‘From Ladoga to Onego’) lead through the two largest lakes in Europe – Ladoga and Onega lakes, the fourth (‘Karelian Arctic’) passes through the beauty of northern Karelia. It takes between 5 and 11 days to drive through each of them.

In addition to the lakes, tourists can visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the way: the Kizhi Open-Air Museum and ancient rock paintings, the architectural and natural sights of Valaam Island, a unique marble canyon in the Ruskeala Mountain Park, the 500-year-old village of Kinerma, and many others. Thanks to the elaborate navigation of the routes, tourists will be able to rationally use their travel time, visit the main attractions and feel the atmosphere of the region.

The increase in tourist flows to Karelia is facilitated by the high-quality roadside service provided by Rosneft’s network of filling stations. The Company has 24 filling stations in Karelia, where customers can buy quality fuel, have a snack, have a comfortable rest and buy goods needed on the road.

During the year, Rosneft filling stations in Karelia are planning to organize informative and entertaining events aimed at promoting car tourism in the region. Detailed information on the routes can be found at Rosneft’s filling stations in Karelia and on the tourist portal ‘Legendary Karelia’.


Rosneft’s retail network is the largest in the Russian Federation in terms of geographical coverage and number of stations, and the Rosneft filling station brand is one of the leaders in Russia in terms of recognition and fuel quality. In total, the Company operates about 3,000 filling stations in 61 regions of the country.

There are stores, cafes, pharmacies, and dry-cleaning machines on the territory of filling stations. The Company is also developing a new area of customer service at filling stations, namely food trucks (mobile retail outlets). The Café on Wheels service is available at filling stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions where the retail network operates.

Rosneft has so far presented joint tourist routes running through the infrastructure of Rosneft’s filling stations in Tula, Arkhangelsk and Ulyanovsk Oblasts, as well as trunk routes between Moscow and Krasnaya Polyana and between the two capitals. In addition, the Company has previously signed memorandums of cooperation of domestic tourism development with the Moscow City Tourism Committee, the Government of Samara Oblast, the Department of Tourism and Resort Development of Altai Krai, the Tourism Agencies of Ulyanovsk Oblast and the Udmurt Republic, as well as with the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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May 31, 2024

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