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Rosneft performs reforestation work in Samara Oblast

07 May 2024

Volunteers from the Syzran refinery (part of Rosneft’s Samara group of enterprises) planted 2,500 birch saplings in a specially protected natural area in Samara Oblast. For the past four years, Syzran Refinery employees have been organising mass planting activities in local forest areas.

During this time, workers planted more than 25,000 pine and birch seedlings on ten hectares of Racheyskiy Bor, which was damaged by fire in 2010. The artificial planting significantly reduces the reafforestation period after the forest fires and contributes to ecological balance and biological diversity preservation in the region.

Rosneft devotes considerable attention to reforestation activities, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and combating climate change. Environmental protection for future generations is an unconditional priority for Rosneft. The Company runs a number of extensive environmental programs and holds leading positions in minimizing its environmental footprint and making its operations environmentally friendly.

Birch plays an important role in reforestation after fires and clear-cutting coniferous forests. Trees quickly take over the cleared areas and native tree species regenerate under their canopies.

Environmental volunteering is an integral part of the ongoing environment-oriented initiatives of Rosneft’s enterprises. Every year, employees of the Company’s subsidiaries take part in environmental cleanup events, tree planting and environmental protection lessons in educational institutions. The Company’s enterprises are actively implementing the Green Office principles to reduce resource consumption, save heat and electricity, and improve the quality of working conditions and the environment.  The enterprises have been organizing separate collection of plastic and waste paper for several years, and dozens of tons of waste have been sent for recycling.

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May 7, 2024

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