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The economic effect of Bashneft’s energy saving program in 2023 exceeded 880 million roubles

25 March 2024

The economic effect from the energy saving program of Bashneft (part of Rosneft) exceeded 880 million roubles by the end of 2023.

Improving the efficiency of production facilities is one of the key elements of Rosneft 2030 Strategy: Reliable Energy and Global Energy Transition. The Company carries out consistent work aimed at sustainable utilisation of resources and reduction of energy consumption, optimisation of electrical loads and thermal processes.

Over 70% of the economic effect was provided by Bashneft-Dobycha (Bashneft’s main oil and gas production company), which managed to save over 620 million roubles. This result was achieved through special measures at more than 3,000 wells and high-performance submersible equipment.

As part of the energy saving program, Sorovskneft (Bashneft’s producing asset in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra) saved about 840 tons of fuel equivalent, or 30.7 million roubles, which is 2.8 times higher than planned. Most of the economic benefit was also gained through the use of submersible equipment with increased efficiency.

The energy saving programs at Bashneft’s refining facilities had an effect of more than 32.8 thousand tons of fuel equivalent, which in monetary terms amounted to approximately 197 million roubles. This result was accomplished by increasing the efficiency of boiler and furnace and heat-exchange equipment, reducing fuel consumption and introducing an advanced process control system for the units.

The petrochemical enterprise Ufaorgsintez saved 2.2 thousand tons of fuel equivalent, or more than 25 million roubles. The plant replaced thermal insulation of main and branch pipelines of steam and hot water with materials with improved characteristics. The furnaces and heat recovery steam generators were also adjusted to reduce fuel consumption and increase in-house steam production.

At the Shkapovsky GPP, the optimisation of thermal processes, electrical loads and fuel efficiency resulted in saving 9.3 million roubles.

In Bashneft Retail, 19 petrol stations switched their indoor and outdoor lighting to energy-saving and LED fixtures. An automatic outdoor lighting control system was implemented at 22 sites. The effect of the energy saving program reached 1.5 million roubles.

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March 25, 2024

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