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Orenburgneft’s green investments in 2023 amounted to 2.9 billion roubles

20 March 2024

Orenburgneft, Rosneft’s key production asset in the Volga Federal District, invested 2.9 billion roubles in 2023 to implement environment-oriented and nature restoration measures. The funds have been invested in implementing the gas program, improving pipeline reliability, land remediation and increasing the efficiency of industrial waste management, reforestation and water biodiversity conservation.

Preservation of the environment for future generations is an important area of Rosneft’s activities. The Company aims to achieve leadership positions in minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the eco-friendliness of its production.

In 2023, Orenburgneft invested 1 billion roubles in measures to improve the reliability of pipelines, including their renewal and maintenance. Infrastructure condition monitoring is ensured, among other things, through a program of diagnostics and industrial safety reviews of the pipeline fleet.

As part of Orenburgneft’s target gas program, the construction of large complexes at the Vostochno-Kapitonovskoye and Donetsko-Syrtovskoye fields, including a booster pipeline pumping station and a gas compressor station, was initiated in 2023. The launch of these facilities will significantly increase APG utilisation at seven major fields. The processed gas is sent for further refining.

In 2023, the enterprise saved more than 60 million kWh of electricity through the implementation of the energy efficiency and energy saving program. There were 959 special events during the year. The monetary equivalent of the effect was approximately 220 million roubles. Key initiatives include optimising the performance of pumping equipment in oil processing and pumping systems, maintaining reservoir pressure, upgrading subsea equipment in oil production and redesigning onshore infrastructure.

The enterprise fully utilizes oil waste using modern technologies that have passed the state environmental expertise. The secondary products are reused in technological processes. In 2023, Orenburgneft utilized over 45 thousand tonnes of oily waste. The enterprise applies modern methods and equipment when restoring and remediating land.

Orenburgneft focuses on preserving forests and maintaining water biodiversity. As part of the reforestation program, oilmen planted 2,500 pine seedlings in 2023.

One of the enterprise’s key priorities is to conserve the biodiversity of the ecosystems in the region where it operates, including replenishing water resources and increasing the population of valuable fish species. Last year, more than 24,000 fry of valuable fish species were released into the Volga and Ural basins.

In 2023, the enterprise’s employees actively participated in environmental projects on landscaping and cleaning of territories, collection of waste paper, volunteers planted more than 150 trees in parks in Orenburg oblast, collected more than 300 kg of acorns, as well as held a series of thematic lessons and actions on collecting recyclable materials.

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March 20, 2024

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