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RN-Vankor starts construction of a pipeline crossing over the Yenisey River for the Vostok Oil project

12 December 2023

As part of the Vostok Oil project, RN-Vankor (part of Rosneft's oil and gas production complex) started construction of an underwater section of the trunk oil pipeline across the Yenisei River.

The new oil pipeline crossing is a unique engineering structure 5.8 km long. It will be laid along the Yenisei River bed using the cut-and-cover method and will become a part of a large-scale 770-kilometer oil pipeline Vankor - Payakha – Sever Bay.

Special pipes with a diameter of 820 mm and a wall thickness of 22 mm will be used for the crossing. The weight of one pipe is 16 tons, and the total weight of the pipeline crossing is about 19 thousand tons.

The technologies and materials used in the construction of the crossing are entirely Russian-made. The transportation system was designed capitalizing on experience in oil pipelines construction at the Vankor cluster.

In the course of geological exploration and design and survey work, a site for the pipeline crossing was selected near the Tochino production base, 60 km from Dudinka, with the smallest water channel width of 2.5 km. Part of the pipeline will be laid in the coastal zone, as the Yenisey significantly widens its channel during the flood season.

At this stage, dredging operations have been completed to construct the trench for the main branch of the pipeline. In addition, 25 vessels of various types and equipment took part in the construction operations, including vessels with unique equipment for riverbed dredging at a great depth. Dredging operations intended for the backup branch of the pipeline will be continued next summer.

Currently, builders are preparing a specialized site (more than 10 hectares) by freezing the soil surface, which will allow them to start laying the pipe in a riverbed trench early next year.

In order to provide the specialists with comfortable living conditions, work is ongoing in the area of Tochino base to expand the shift camp for construction workers to 520 people. More than 110 special-purpose vehicles have already been brought to the construction sites to perform operations associated with the pipeline river crossing.


RN-Vankor, a subsidiary of Rosneft, is the operator for the development of the fields of the Vankor and Payakha clusters, which are part of Vostok Oil, the largest investment project in the global oil and gas industry.

The resource base of the project exceeds 6.5 billion tons of premium sweet oil. Vostok Oil comprises 52 license areas in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, including 13 oil and gas fields.

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12 December 2023