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RN-Vankor Implements Industry’s First Diesel-to-Dual-Fuel Power Plant Conversion Technology

17 January 2023

Power engineers at RN-Vankor (a subsidiary of Rosneft’s oil and gas production complex) have developed a technology to convert a diesel power plant to gas fuel. The technological solution implemented at the Vankor field’s central gathering station has reduced the power plant’s emissions: CO2 by 30%, particulate matter by 90%, and also significantly reduced nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide emissions.

Thanks to the new dual-fuel technology, the diesel-driven generator, with unit capacity of 5.2 MW, can run on diesel or on a mixed gas-diesel fuel (50 % gas and 50 % diesel). The technical and economic performance of the dual-fuel power plant has proven its efficiency. Economic benefits of 13.3 million roubles were obtained as a result of the tests.

New engineering networks for control and protection systems, gas equipment, a gas reduction unit and gas distribution networks were installed for the project. An automated gas detection and alarm system operates in the diesel-driven generator set room to ensure safe operation of the power plant. Three more dual-fuel power plants will be implemented in the Vankor field in near future.

The Vankor project uses the latest technologies in construction, production, preparation and transportation of commercial products. The enterprise’s employees’ suggestions helped to improve the efficiency and reliability of process equipment, saving more than 53 billion roubles.

The technologies successfully tested at the Vankor cluster fields will be used at the facilities of Vostok Oil, Rosneft’s largest production project in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Note for Editors:

RN-Vankor LLC is an operator on development of the Vankor cluster including Vankor, Suzun, Tagul and Lodochnoe, and the Payakhskaya group of fields located in the Turukhansk and Taymyr Dolgano-Nenetsky Districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The enterprise explores 52 license areas.

The total generation capacity at Vankor exceeds 447 MW, generated by the Vankor gas turbine and gas piston power plants, mobile power complexes, and diesel power plants. The Vankor energy district also includes 55 substations from 220 kV to 35/6 kV and over 460 transformer substations.

Polarnaya, a 150 MW gas turbine power plant, is being built to supply power to new facilities in the Vankor field.

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January 17, 2023

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