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Achinsk Refinery Plants Over 21,000 Pine Seedlings

06 July 2022

Employees of the Achinsk refinery (an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s refining complex) planted more than 21,000 pine seedlings in the forests of Krasnoyarsk Territory. The area of forestation surpassed 7 hectares.

Environmental protection for future generations is an unconditional priority for Rosneft. The Company runs a number of extensive environmental programmes and maintains a leading position in minimising its environmental footprint and making its operations environmentally friendly. Rosneft’s specialists have now launched an ambitious integrated environmental forestation project to provide carbon sequestration of 10 million tonnes CO2-equivalent. It is a unique project for Russia that will reveal the greenhouse gas sequestration potential of the country’s forests.

Artificial planting was carried out on lands of Achinsk district forestry, allocated for reforestation and afforestation. Pine, a valuable tree species that forms the basis of Central Siberia’s forests, was chosen as the planting material.

The seedlings were raised in a nursery garden up to a size of 15 centimeters at which their root system shows high survivability. The seedlings were acclimatised in their natural environment and transported to the planting site in special containers to avoid damage or drying out of the roots. This approach enables a shorter recovery time for forested areas, which is particularly relevant for the Achinsk district, which was hit hard by wildfires this spring.

The Achinsk Refinery is implementing a set of programmes in the field of conservation and restoration of natural resources. Every year the refinery’s employees take part in the national environmental campaigns, such as Water Day, Gardens of Memory, Green Spring, sanitary cleaning of city areas and collection of secondary raw materials.

The enterprise has also implemented elements of the green office system, including electronic document management and separate waste collection.

Note for Editors:

The Achinsk Refinery produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum products – motor gasoline and diesel of the highest environmental class, petroleum bitumen, etc.

The refinery is implementing a set of measures to reduce the technogenic impact on the environment. Modernisation of production includes the introduction of low-waste and resource-saving technologies, and the construction of production facilities for environmental protection, including wastewater treatment facilities and water recycling systems.

The enterprise is working to improve its environmental awareness among the employees, as well as Achinsk citizens. The refinery workers are implementing a number of long-term environmental education projects for children and teenagers in the region.

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July 6, 2022

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