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Rosneft Celebrates International Climate Day

16 May 2022

Climate Day is celebrated on 15 May, the initiative aims to draw attention to the issue of global climate change.

Rosneft Oil Company shares and actively supports international and national climate change goals. The Company relies on scientific research and modern technological solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In December 2021, Rosneft presented its new strategy «Rosneft-2030: Reliable Energy and Global Energy Transition» and became the first Russian oil and gas company to set a strategic goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 (Scope 1 and 2). This objective will be achieved through measures to reduce emissions, increase the use of low-carbon energy sources, energy-saving technologies, carbon capture and storage technologies, and exploit the potential for natural CO2 uptake.

The «Rosneft-2030» strategy also outlines short- and medium-term goals for the climate agenda: reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 5% by 2025; reduction of methane emissions to below 0.2% by 2030, zero routine flaring of associated gas, reduction of specific greenhouse gas emissions in the upstream segment to below 20 kg СО2/boe; reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% from 2020 by 2035.

Rosneft focuses on reducing methane emissions, a greenhouse gas whose specific impact potential is tens of times greater than that of CO2. The Company's subsidiaries use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with laser scanners and video cameras to control methane emission sources and additionally implement ground-based monitoring methods. Nearly 500 facilities at production sites are scheduled to be monitored in 2022.

Rosneft operates in various climatic zones, including those with harsh climatic conditions. The Company studies climate risks and develops adaptation measures. Since 2013, Rosneft has conducted more than 30 expeditions in five Arctic seas, which have resulted in one of the world's largest databases on the natural and climatic conditions of the region, studying the main iceberg formation zones and refining methods of changing their drift trajectory. Scientific field bases, automatic weather stations (eight stations were installed with the Company's support) and semi-submersible buoy stations were also set up. The Company's Arctic Research Centre celebrated 10 years of its research work last year.

Rosneft traditionally pays special attention to reforestation. The Company and its subsidiaries have planted around 9.3 million seedlings of various tree species in 2021. The forest is a natural absorber of greenhouse gases. An integrated forest-climatic project is planned in Krasnoyarsk Territory to unlock the natural absorption potential of greenhouse gases. The St Petersburg State University of Forestry has become a strategic partner in this field, with an agreement signed in 2021.

Resource-saving is also an integral part of the greenhouse gas reduction strategy. The Company is actively implementing the principles of circular economy and confirms its previously stated goals of 100% recycling of waste and historical legacy land remediation. The Company's subsidiaries regularly carry out environmental campaigns, including the collection of secondary raw materials, which are recycled.

Rosneft is constantly improving the performance of its motor fuels, increasing sales of products with improved environmental performance - the high-octane Pulsar 100 fuel, Euro 6 based on RON-95. The Company is implementing projects to develop a network of compressed natural gas filling stations and to equip filling stations with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The Company's consistent position on climate change mitigation is recognised in various international rankings. In 2021, Rosneft improved its performance in the comparative Net Zero Company Benchmark assessment of global companies, with the best result among Russian participants.

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May 16, 2022

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