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Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company Put into Operation Mobile Environmental Control Station

27 September 2021

Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company, an enterprise of Rosneft’s oil refining and petrochemical complex, put into operation a mobile control station for monitoring the atmospheric air condition.

As part of the Rosneft 2022 Strategy, the Company aims to achieve leadership positions in minimising the environmental impact and ensuring the eco-friendliness of its production and plans to join the ranks of leading international companies in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

The NPCC mobile laboratory is equipped with modern equipment: gas analyzers, chromatographs, a meteorological station, and data processing complex. The mobile station serves for automated sampling and analysis on site, multiplying the speed and accuracy of measurement.

The atmospheric air is monitored in 14 components. Sampling is conducted daily on the NPCC site, in the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise, and on the borderline of the residential area of Novokuibyshevsk.

The mobile complex joined the accredited Environmental Analysis and Control Centre of NPCC and became a major asset in the ecological safety system in the regions of the enterprise’s operation. The centre consists of three monitoring laboratories: an atmospheric air control laboratory, a water resources control laboratory and a sewage control laboratory. There are 258 indicators in the sample analysis. The centre is operational at all times; laboratory assistants undertake more than 1,100 analyses per day.

Note for Editors:

JSC Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company, a subsidiary of Rosneft, is a major petrochemicals, gas processing and organic synthesis producer. The enterprise’s refining capacity exceeds 1 million tonnes per year. The range of products is comprised of more than 30 items.

Since 2018, NPCC has been certified under the international standard ISO 50001:2018, confirming that the implemented environmental management system of the enterprises meets international standards.

Upon NPCC’s initiative, a mobile environmental laboratory for the town’s atmospheric air monitoring was given to Novokuibyshevsk in 2013.

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September 27, 2021

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