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Rosneft Holds Second Hydrogeology Research to Practice Conference

17 August 2020

Rosneft has held the 2nd research to practice conference on water supply issues (hydrogeology) in Izhevsk. The event attracted over 100 hydrogeology specialists from across Russia.

Achievement of leading positions in Health, Safety & Environment is one of the priority objectives set in the Rosneft 2022 Strategy. The Company pays close attention to the rational utilisation of water resources. Rosneft Oil Company’s annual conference on water supply issues is the first Russian platform to share experiences and accumulate knowledge about the rational utilisation of water resources, as well as to take steps to protect and restore them.

The year 2020 saw the Conference take place online for the first time and provide an opportunity for fruitful discussions of practical importance to the industry. The specialists discussed a number of the most important tasks of the domestic oil and gas complex in terms of groundwater utilisation, search for effective solutions in rational water consumption, utilisation of formation water, search and evaluation of technical water supply sources. One of the main topics for discussion was the organisation of reservoir pressure maintenance systems. Among the most discussed issues were also drilling waste disposal, integrated development of water resources and application of mathematical modelling methods in hydrogeology.

Note for Editors:

Izhevsk Petroleum Research and Development Centre is a subsidiary of Udmurtneft OJSC, part of Rosneft Oil Company’s corporate research and development complex. A special-purpose Water Supply (Hydrogeology) Institute was established at the Izhevsk Petroleum R&D Centre in 2018 in order to manage processes in water utilisation.

The main tasks of the Institute include complex hydrogeological works in the regions of Rosneft’s activity within the Russian Federation, independent techno- economic feasibility assessment of project products, and others.

Rosneft’s corporate research and development complex comprises 29 research, development and project institutes employing over 13,000 scientists; 583 of them are Candidates of Sciences and 45 are Doctors of Sciences. The Rosneft R&D complex has made an entire range of inventions, innovative developments and scientific discoveries of breakthrough importance not only for the Company but also for the whole oil and gas industry.

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August 17, 2020

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