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Ryazan Oil Refining Company Launches Construction of Crude Distillation Unit

12 August 2020

Ryazan Oil Refining Company, an enterprise of the refining complex of Rosneft Oil Company, is implementing a project to upgrade the AVT-2 crude distillation unit as part of the production modernisation programme. The project represents an important step towards improved environmental safety of the enterprise’s refining processes.

The Company’s refinery modernisation programme is designed to increase the conversion rate, light petroleum products’ yield, and production volume of high-quality green motor fuels significantly.

The upgrading of the 2 million tonnes per year CDU provides for reducing the output of high-sulphur fuel oil, thus improving the enterprise’s economic efficiency.

The unit is re-designed with regard to strict industrial and environmental safety standards and stringent requirements for industrial assets within urban areas.

The CDU is to be equipped with an automatic emission control system that will oversight all production modes round the clock and monitor the state of environment, able to transmit data to relevant departments of the refinery and public institutions supervising the air pollution.

The new equipment will increase the refining efficiency through automation and reduce the environmental impact due to a range of advanced engineering solutions.

Note for Editors:

In 2019, Ryazan Oil Refining Company completed an upgrade of its catalytic reforming unit, having replaced the reactors. On the basis of the work done, the unit was switched to a 3-year run between repairs, which significantly increased the economic performance of the equipment, as well as the level of environmental and industrial safety of the enterprise.

The plant also upgraded the automated process control system of its diesel hydrotreatment unit. The advanced hardware and instrument complex of the enterprise and its digital solutions helped integrate the unit into the single management system of Ryazan Oil Refining Company. Now all the parameters of the complex process flow into the database, and self-diagnostic functions evaluate the technical condition of the equipment and promptly correct its operation.

The plant optimised the process of cleaning the gasoline component from the catalytic cracking unit in order to reduce sulphur and olefin (unsaturated) compounds in gasoline. The catalytic cracking gasoline is additionally cleaned from sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen-containing compounds at the hydrotreatment unit of the catalytic reforming unit L-35/5.

In order to reduce the content of aromatic hydrocarbons, a low-temperature isomerization unit was built and commissioned at the enterprise, where the pentane-hexane fraction is processed into a high-octane component of commercial gasoline--isomerate, which is free of aromatic compounds.

These and other activities enabled Ryazan Oil Refining Company to start production of new Euro 6 AI-95-K5 high-octane gasoline.

The enterprise also upgraded its single point loading units, where light petroleum products are weighed and automatically poured into railway tanks. The loading process is entirely automated and performed with expandable filling pipes.

Last year Ryazan Oil Refining Company put into operation a new integrated laboratory building of the testing laboratory. The new laboratory, which has united previously disparate sites, applies fundamentally new approaches to product quality control and provides more accurate analysis of supplied crude and components needed to produce gasolines Pulsar-100 and Euro 6 AI-95-K5.

Global experience of refining enterprises was taken into consideration when designing the integrated laboratory building. The principle of workplace organisation by the type of physical and chemical tests rather than by the type of products under analysis was fully implemented for the first time in Russia. This helps optimise the use of laboratory equipment, increase productivity and save time, including that spent to develop new product formulations.

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August 12, 2020

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