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Rosneft boosted its throughput at German refineries and increased crude oil deliveries to Germany in 2016

13 February 2017

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH (a Rosneft subsidiary) started operating business in Germany, key European market for refined products.

Rosneft boosted its throughput at refineries in Germany to 12.7 mmt in 2016, an 17.8 % increase year-on-year.

In 2016 the volume of refined products produced at the German refineries by Rosneft amounted to 13.7 mmt, 80 % of the volume accounts for light refined products, demonstrating high operational performance and technical level of Rosneft’s refining capacities in the region.

The Company’s crude oil supply volume to Germany in 2016 has risen to 22.5 mmt from 21.5 mmt in 2015, a 4.6 % increase. Rosneft keeps its share in German crude oil import at approximately 1/4 during the past three years.

Efficient work of the Company’s trading unit in crude oil procurement and supply along with logistical advantages, among which is the location of the Druzhba crude oil pipeline allowing direct deliveries to PCK refinery contribute to the consistently high level of supplies. Rosneft intends to maintain competitive position of refineries by increasing reliability and mechanical availability, enhancing light products output, increasing efficiency and implementing cost reduction programs.

Notes for editors:

Rosneft is the third largest crude oil refiner in the German market with a total refining throughput approximately 12.5 million tons per year, representing more than 12% of the processing capacity in Germany. Average conversion rate of the Rosneft capacities is 93%, average Nelson complexity index -  9.1. Operating activities in Germany are run by Rosneft subsidiary - Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, which manages feedstock supplies to Rosneft shares in PCK, MiRO and Bayernoil refineries as well as sales of refined products.

Rosneft Information Division
February 13, 2017