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Rosneft signed contract with Saint-Petersburg zoo

20 June 2015

Rosneft signed a contract for support and care of two polar bears in the zoo of St. Petersburg at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This agreement is a part of a larger project of the company, as it considers preservation and protection of polar bears as one of its priorities. Rosneft takes care of polar bears in all Russian zoos and implements scientific research of their population in the Arctic.

Notes for editors:

Polar bear is a symbol of the Arctic and one of the main species that indicate sustainable condition of the Arctic marine ecosystems. As part of the annual research expeditions "Kara-Winter" and "Kara-Summer", organized by Rosneft, a program for the study of polar bears in the areas of long-term development of hydrocarbon fields is implemented. Experts of the Arctic Research and Design Center assess the state of polar bears subpopulations in Russia. Scientists put collars with satellite sensors on adult bears to track their movement. Biological specimens are being acquired in order to assess ambient levels in the organisms of the bears, perform immunological and microbiological tests and molecular genetic analysis. According to zoologists and experts, during expeditions they managed to obtain a material of unprecedented quality and volume regarding the polar bear population on the route from the Novaya Zemlya in the west to the islands of the De Long archipelago on the east.

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June 20, 2015