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Kuibyshev refinery produced first izomerizate product lot on new unit

30 September 2014

The first izomerizate product lot has been produced on a new isomerization unit of Kuibyshev refinery. Izomerizate is a component of high-octane gasoline produced in compliance with the highest ecological Euro 5 standard. The octane number of the lot produced is 88.6, which corresponds to the planned project octane number – no less than 88 points. The production of the first on-specification product lot confirms the fact that the rig with rated capacity of 280 thousand tons a year (crude production) had been put into the normal technological mode.

The isomerization rig is a key object of Kuibyshev refinery, created as part of the large-scale investment program on modernization, conducted by NK Rosneft on its oil processing enterprises. The rig provides with the production of high-octane component - izomerizate - used in production of finished motor gasoline with low presence of sulfur, benzol and aromatic hydrocarbons in compliance with the highest ecological Euro 5 standard. The usage of Euro-5 fuels lessens essentially and, judging by some criteria, even eliminates the presence of contaminants in automobile exhausts.

Notes for Editors:

Kuibyshev refinery is a part of Rosneft’s Samara refineries group. Its rated capacity is about 7 mt of oil a year. The refinery processes oil produced by the Company in the West Siberia and in the Samara Region. Its deep conversion facilities include catalytic cracking, visbreaking, catalytic reforming, hydrotreatment units, a hydrogen generation rig and a benzene concentrate recovery unit.

In 2013 Kuibyshev refinery processed about 7 mt of oil. The plant has produced more than 6.5 mt of commercial oil products.

Rosneft Information Division
September 30, 2014