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MSU specialists will elaborate oil-degrading bacteria for Northern seas on demand of Rosneft

12 September 2014

Arctic Research and Design Center signed a contract on research work in laboratories of Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU). As a result of the research in laboratory of microbial biotechnology and Percov’s White sea biological station, a complex substance, based on bacteria living in low temperatures (psychrophilous microorganisms) must be elaborated, which will modernize existing technologies of the Northern seas’ water area from oil contaminations.

Following the terms of the agreement, LMSU specialists will conduct the research and analysis of at least 5 methods of generating such substance and will elaborate techniques of the bacteria usage. The research will include taking samples from oil-contaminated areas to extract psychrophilous organisms from natural microbial populations, development of a step-by-step method to detect and isolate the oil-degrading microorganisms tolerant to arctic temperature and salinity conditions while also being efficient degraders for a number of ecologically hazardous toxicants (hydrocarbons of oil and oil products, including polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons resistant to oxidation). The laboratory specimen of the biological product will be tested in a flow-through sea aquarium using temperature and salinity conditions consistent with arctic environments.

Notes for Editors:

Arctic Research and Design Center is a joint venture of Rosneft and ExxonMobil. The scope of its responsibilities includes scientific research and front-end engineering and design needed for Arctic shelf development. In December 2013 «Rosneft» and Lomonosov Moscow State University signed Cooperation Agreement in the area of research and development. The contract on oil-degrading bacteria elaboration was signed with the National Intellectual Development Foundation of LMSU, which supports students, post-graduates and young scientists.

Rosneft follows leading international safety standards and collaborates with oversea partners in the field of ecology. The Declaration on Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development on the Russian Arctic Continental Shelf was signed together with ExxonMobil, Statoil and Eni. Rosneft treats the issue of ecological safety comprehensively and, first of all, aims at accident prevention. The Company has elaborated a complex of measures to prevent ecological hazards in Artic as well as to eliminate possible accidents in the shortest time. In May 2014 at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum Rosneft signed agreements with government institutions, including the Mintrans of Russia and the EMERCOM, on collaboration in the sphere of accident prevention and liquidation of possible emergency situations, including spills of oil and oil products.

Information Division,
September 12, 2014