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« December, 2018
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Activity of HR and Remuneration Committee

The Board HR and Remuneration Committee functioned on the basis of semi-annual plans. 13 Committee meetings were held within the period from 22.06.2017 to  21.06.2018

The Committee reviewed 20 issues over the said period; recommendations were given to the Board of Directors in respect of some issues, including:

  • Senior managers' KPIs 2017-2018  were  recommended for approval, delivery of senior managers' KPIs 2017 was approved;
  • The Company's Sustainability Report 2016 was agreed;
  • Issues were reviewed concerning the composition of the Management Board and the concurrent service of Management Board members in the governing bodies of other organizations;
  • Assessment of the Board of Directors' performance over the reporting periods was ensured;
  • G. Schröder, M. Warnig, O.V. Vyugin and H. Rudloff  (a candidate to BoD) were assessed for independence criteria compliance;
  • recommendations were given to the Board of Directors to include issues  in the AGSM agenda, as related to paying remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission and reimbursing expenses thereof.

During the period, the Committee accomplished all the imposed tasks in full.