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Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary is an official of Rosneft who ensures the Company’s compliance with the effective legislation, the Charter and internal documents of the Company and guarantees due exercise of rights of the Company’s shareholders, efficient communication with shareholders, support of effective functioning of the Board of Directors, development of the practice of the corporate governance of the Company in the best interests of its shareholders and other interested parties.

Corporate Secretary reports to the Board of Directors of the Company and is appointed to the post and dismissed from the post by Chief Executive Officer based on a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Corporate Secretary of Rosneft performs the functions of the Secretary of the Board of Directors and the Secretary of the General Shareholders Meeting of the Company. Requirements to the position of Corporate Secretary, functions, rights, obligations and responsibilities of Corporate Secretary, procedure for interaction with the management bodies and business units of the Company are specified in the Regulation “On Rosneft Corporate Secretary”.

Yuri I. Kurilin, Vice President, Chief of Staff, acts as Rosneft Corporate Secretary based on the resolution of the Board of Directors dated 10.02.2021 (minutes No.17 dated 11.02.2021)

Yuri Kurilin

Born in 1972.

In 1994 he graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 1998 graduated from California State University, Hayward, with MBA degree.

September 2003 - December 2008 - Head of Administration of the Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer, Head of the Office of the President of TNK-BP Management.

December 2008 - October 2011 - Commercial Director in BP Group companies.

October 2011 - November 2014 – worked in BP America (USA), Houston (in procurement performance planning and management).

November 2014 - March 2017 - Director on Corporate Affairs and Interaction with Business Partner of BP Exploration Operating Company Limited (UK), Moscow.

Since March 2017 till now - Vice President, Chief of Staff of Rosneft.

April 2017 – September 2020 - member of the Management Board of Rosneft.

Yuri Kurilin doesn’t hold shares of Rosneft.