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Middle Volga Scientific and Research Refining Institute (SvNIINP) was established in 1958 on the basis of Novokyubyshev Refeinry. The Institute's top priority has been providing a scientific support to the refining and petrochemical processes. To date, PJSC SvNIIP has been the industry leader in developing and improving new process technologies, as well as industrial oils and additives composition, being guided by an upgrading technical level of the current production facilities.

PJSC SvNIINP's certified Oil and Products Quality Assessment Department ensures the performance of R&D activities for lubricants development and quality control, using the advanced high-efficient equipment.

PJSC SvNIINP  has the pilot production of the following lubricants:

  • industrial oils:
    • hydraulic oils,
    • gearbox oils,
    • oils for rolling mills' film lubrication bearings;
    • slide oils;
  • power and preservation oils and fluids:
    • for worm gearboxes of special-purpose hoists and elevators,
    • sealing for heat supply system;
    • preservation fluids for  protection against corrosion;
  •  electroinsulating and compressor oils:
    • for the motors of downhole oil producing equipment,
    • for high pressure compressors;
  • process oils and fluids:
    • oils for rolling-off cylinder faces,
    • oils for roller lubricooling in steel cold rolling,
    • oils for lubricating steel mold boxes,
    • oil for details manufacturing at the metal hardening stage,
    • hydraulic fluid for using under the increased fire hazard condition.

In addition to core activities, PJSC SvNIINP develops a new discipline, to monitor changes in qualitative characteristics of feedstock and processes for oils production at NZMP, ANKhK, and Slavneft-YANOS.