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Oils production by RN-Lubricants (Ryazan)

RN-Lubricants in Ryazan was established on the basis of the assets of Ryazan Refinery and Ryazan Petroleum and Chemical Products Plant.

The plant has a process cycle in place for lubricants blending and packaging.

The output of the commercial oil blending plant is up to 20 kt per month, depending on a particular production program which accounts for the finished product shipping requirements. The output of the packaged products is over 9 kt per month The single warehouse is located at the production site in Ryazan, its capacity being up to     8 kt of finished products.

The RN-Lubricants output includes over 250 types of lubricants commonly used in all segments of the industry:

  • passenger car oils:
    • engine oils,
    • gearbox oils,
    • service fluids;
  • commercial transport and machinery oils,
    • engine oils,
    • gearbox oils,
    • marine oils,
    • locomotive oils;
    • hydraulic oils,
    • multigrade oils;
  • industrial oils:
    • hydraulic oils,
    • gear oils,
    • compressor oils,
    • circulating oils,
    • power equipment oil,
    • moulding oils,
    • coolant oils and process oils,
    • hardening oils,
    • spindle oils,
    • chain oils,
    • slide oils,
    • plastic lubricants,
    • industrial unformulated oils.

A Quality Management System has been in place at RN-Lubricants since 2009; it h was successfully certified for compliance with  International Standard  ISO 9001 (Quality Management System).  Auditors of SGS, the global certification leader, have been annually recognizing a continuous improvement of this system.

End-to-end control execution at all production stages - from base oils and additives to commercial products, packaging and shipping - makes it possible to guarantee high quality of products. 

Product quality is monitored by the modern petroleum product testing laboratory, which is certified by the Federal Accreditation Service for compliance with standard GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009. The laboratory's unique equipment and high-accuracy analytical instrumentation particularly intended for elemental composition tests includes  an atomic adsorptive spectrometer, infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometers, and enables performing over 250 various tests on a daily basis.

A technical upgrade program is currently ongoing, with a view to satisfy the increasingly growing customer demands.

RN-Lubricants products are shipped to the RF regions, as well as to the countries of the Customs Union, near and far abroad.