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Novokuibyshev Lubricants and Additives Plant

Novokuibyshev  Lubricants  and Additives Plant was established on 1 July 1998 on the basis of Novokuibyshev Refinery’s assets.   Today, this is a large-capacity diversified enterprise which is implementing a comprehensive program of production assets technical upgrade and introducing the advanced global technologies. The Plant's product pool includes about 100 items.

The Plan produces different-purpose lubricants:

  • passenger car oils:
    • engine oils,
    • gearbox oils,
    • first filling lube oils;
  • commercial transport and machinery oils,
    • engine oils,
    • gearbox oils,
    • marine oils,
    • locomotive oils;
  • industrial oils:
    • hydraulic oils,
    • hardening oils,
    • industrial formulated and non-formulated oils,
  • base oils.

LLC NZMP is also producing additives. The engine fuel additive packages produced in-house ensure product quality compliance with API categories  CF-4, CH-4, CG-4, SG and SL.

The plant mastered the production of diesel fuel anti-wear additive                 Complexal - ECO D. As a component of Euro-5 diesel fuel, the additive underwent full-scale testing at APL-LandauGmbH International Testing Center (Germany) following which BP's German arm included this product in the European "no-harm" list ListefürLubricity-Additive. The additive is approved for use as a component of diesel fuel grades up to Euro-5  inclusive.

In 2015, the output of Novokuibyshev  Lubricants  and Additives Plant included over 265 k tons of commercial oils, 130.3 kt of niche products and 11 kt of additives, particularly, 6.4  kt of commercial additives, including 3.07 kt of diesel fuel anti-wear additive Complexal - ECO D.

The plant's management system is certified by TÜVCERT international certification body for compliance  with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

Compliance with the product quality requirements is confirmed at all production stages and assured by the test results of the plant's laboratory which is certified by the National Accreditation System.

NZMP continues to implement the key project of the investment development program - the construction of a hydroprocess complex which includes the processes of rafinate hydroconversion and lubes catalitic isodewaxing using the global licensor technologies.

The upgrade will make it possible to considerably enhance the plant efficiency by increasing its output at the account of base oils of API Groups II and III, as well as variety and volume of prepackaged products, while reducing the amount of imported base products for lubes production.

The plant's products are supplied to almost all RF regions, as well as to the near and far abroad countries.