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Rosneft - Moscow Plant Nefteprodukt

Moscow Plant Nefteprodukt is a Subsidiary of Rosneft.

It was established on the basis of OJSC VNII NP Moscow Pilot Plant which, in its turn, was created through a merger of OJSC VNII NP Moscow Pilot Plant and Neftegaz Plant. For dedicated service during the Great Patriotic War, the collective of the plant was given the State Defense Committee Banner for perpetual safekeeping.

The plant makes a wide assortment of lubricants, protective and preservation materials for aviation and aerospace industries, car-and-tractor and armored vehicles manufacturing, instrumentation engineering and energy sectors, including:

  • motor and gearbox oils;
  • aeroengine oils;
  • instrument oils;
  • industrial oils;
  • general-purpose greases;
  • high-temperature greases;
  • antiscuff coatings;
  • instrument greases;
  • aviation greases;
  • marine greases;
  • electric-contact greases;
  • thread sealing greases;
  • preservation lubricants;
  • anticorrosive and thickener additives.

In 2014, the plant commissioned the first train of the general-purpose grease production site, as part of the ongoing Integrated Development Program. The site has advanced process equipment with an automatic checkout and control system at each stage of the production process, which enables guaranteeing a consistently high product quality. One of the top priority objectives of the Integrated Development Program executed by Rosneft-Moscow Plan Nefteprodukt  is launching the production of advanced lubricants (primarily, plastic lubricants), to enable the substitution of the currently used imported products.

As a result of the efforts made by the plant's research and production divisions  jointly with customers, the innovative Rosneft Plastex plastic lubricants of various viscosity were developed in 2015 with the first commercial batches thereof produced in the same year. The above plastic lubricants are intended to substitute the imported products applied to the friction units of various equipment.

Currently, work is ongoing at the plant to commission the second train of the general-purpose grease production, which will enable expanding the product range considerably and increasing the output of import substituting plastic lubricants.

Rosneft - Moscow Plant Nefteprodukt's Quality, Environment Health and Safety Integrated Management System has been certified by the British Standards Institution for compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.