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Novokuybyshev Petrochemical Company

Novokuybyshev Petrochemical Company operates since 1957. In March 2015 the company joined Rosneft.

With Novokuybyshev Petrochemical Company Rosneft became the third largest LPG producer in Russia.

NNK is one of the largest producers of gas processing, petrochemistry and organic synthesis products in Russia and Eastern Europe. Base petrochemical production is functioning at the plant: LPG, MTAE, benzene, production of carbonic acid, acetone, alphamethylstyren.

NNK has PTBF (para-tret-butilphenol) production, which is unique in Russia and CIS and synthetic ethanol production, which is the only one in Russia.

NNK product range includes more than 50 items.

In 2015 feedstock refining made 973 K tons and production of commercial petrochemical products - 845.8 K tons.