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Kharampurneftegaz was established in February 2018 for the development of Kharampur field, which is one of the most important development projects in the Company's gas business. The project is implemented with a partner – BP.

Deposits of U formation in the north dome of Kharampurskoye oil and gas condensate field were brought into development in 1990, south dome – 1994, and Festivalnoye field – 1995. Oil and associated gas are being produced.

The gas project consists of two development phases:

  • Phase I is surface facilities construction for the development of the Cenomanian horizon;
  • Phase II – development of the Turonian deposits.

The implementation of Phase I of the project will make it possible to produce 11 bcm of gas per year with the growth potential up to 25 bcm per year after the implementation of Phase II of the project – the development of the Turonian deposits.