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Work and leisure conditions at production sites

In 2015,  unified regulations were approved and  the Guidelines on Provision of Catering for Oil and Gas Producing Subsidiaries' Employees Working on Rotation and for Oil and Gas Processing Subsidiaries' Employees were put into effect in the Company; the Guidelines take into account  regional, climatic and geographic features and specify the rules for arrangement and maintenance of meal facilities, for transportation and storage of food products, and meals quality requirements and criteria for checking meal quality.

In order to ensure the use of unified standards across the Company, the upgrading of on-site social facilities in the Group Subsidiaries continued, including  a range of  construction, reconstruction, current and capital repair activities, and design and survey work.   The costs of development and construction of facilities for field camps, crew, team, shop support bases amounted to 5.1 billion ruble in the reporting year.  

In 2015, a total of  95 field camps were in operation in the Company, accommodating 22,000 of employees of the Group Subsidiaries and contractor companies.

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