Rosneft Code of Business Ethics, 453 Kb

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Rosneft Annual Report 2013, 12 Mb

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Interactive Annual Report 2013


Management Board


Igor Sechin

President, Chairman of the Management Board, Vice-chairman of Board of directors of Rosneft



Yuri Kalinin

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Vice President, Rosneft



Eric Liron

First Vice President of Rosneft



Larisa Kalanda

State Secretary-Vice President, Rosneft



Rashid Sharipov

Vice President, Head of Rosneft President Office



Andrey Votinov

Vice-President for Capital Construction, Rosneft



Didier Casimiro

Vice President for Refining, Petrochemical, Commerce and Logistics, Rosneft



Igor Maydannik 

Rosneft Vice President for Legal Support



Nail Mukhitov

Vice President, Head of Security, Rosneft



Igor Pavlov




Zeljko Runje

Vice President for Offshore Projects, Rosneft



Svyatoslav Slavinskiy

Rosneft Vice President for Economics and Finance



Peter Lazarev

Financial director of Rosneft


Detailed information on Rosneft’s Management board is available here.


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