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Yuganskneftegaz is Rosneft’s largest oil-producing enterprise. It develops 30 license areas in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District of Western Siberia. Yuganskneftegaz was established in 1977, and in early 2005, it was acquired by Rosneft and fully integrated into the Company’s production infrastructure.

Major part of Yuganskneftegaz proved oil reserves (84%) are concentrated in the Priobskoye, Mamontovskoye, Malobalykskoye, and Prirazlomnoye fields. Yuganskneftegaz has significant potential to further increase its hydrocarbon reserves and crude output through additional exploration of deep strata and those overlooked at earlier stages of exploration. The reserve-to-production ratio at Yuganskneftegaz equals 24 years, which is well above the global industry’s average.

Yuganskneftegaz’s portfolio includes a number of relatively new fields, such as Priobskoye and Prirazlomnoye, which have low depletion rates and substantially contribute to Rosneft’s organic growth in production. In developing such fields, Yuganskneftegaz extensively employs top-of-the-line recovery and production enhancement techniques. In addition, efficient use of advanced recovery methods allows the company to keep flat and even increase outputs even at its mature fields in the region.

The fields at Yuganskneftegaz are integrated with the regional transport infrastructure. Crude oil is exported and delivered to the domestic market via the nearby Ust-Balyk — Omsk trunk pipeline owned by Transneft.

Rosneft continued to develop reserves at Yuganskneftegaz according to plan during 2010. Production drilling by the Company in the region was 2,194 th. meters, exceeding the level in 2009 by 18.3%. The Company completed and commissioned 700 production wells in KhMAD and the average daily output from Rosneft’s new wells in the region in 2010 was 439 barrels, which is nearly double the average for Russia. The average daily output at oil wells in the region which were already operating in 2010, remained at the level of 2009 (162 barrels). The high productivity of wells and concentration of reserves enable successful control over unit production costs in KhMAD.

Total production by the Company at fields in the region was 483.2 mln barrels of oil and 2.6 bln cubic meters of gas (not including amounts that were flared off). That represents 57% and 21% of total Company output of oil and gas, respectively.

Most of the oil (57%) which was produced by Rosneft in KhMAD was exported. The remaining amounts were delivered to Company refineries, or provided to other Russian companies as part of swap operations.

Major fields: Priobskoye, Prirazlomnoye, Mamontovskoye, Malobalykskoye.

Yuganskneftegaz reserves (PRMS, DeGolyer & MacNaughton, as of December 31, 2010)

Proved hydrocarbon reserves, mln boe 12,176
Proved oil and gas condensate reserves, mln bbl 11,626
Proved gas reserves, bcm 93.3
Probable hydrocarbon reserves, mln boe 5,014
Probable oil and gas condensate reserves, mln bbl 4,791
Probable gas reserves, bcm 37.8
Possible hydrocarbon reserves, mln boe 3,534
Possible oil and gas condensate reserves, mln bbl 3,399
Possible gas reserves, bcm 23.0

Yuganskneftegaz hydrocarbon production

  2008 2009 2010
Crude oil, th. tonnes 65,658 66,357 66,060
Crude oil, mln barrels 480.3 485.4 483.2
Gas, mcm 1,916 2,620 2,648

Yuganskneftegaz operating highlights

  2008 2009 2010
Exploration drilling, th. m 9.4 16.4 29.0
2D seismic, linear km 0 0 0
3D seismic, sq. km 1,101 1,045 1,844
Production drilling, th. m 1,683 1,854 2,194
Producing oil wells, wells 8,457 8,412 8,555
New production wells, wells 406 446 504

Contact Information

Full name: LLC RN-Yuganskneftegaz

General director: Igor Zherzh

Address: 26 Lenina st., Tyumen Region, Nefteyugansk 628309, Russia

Tel: +7 (3463) 315 – 201


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