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Rosneft, together with China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), is involved in the exploration of the Veninsky licensed block of the Sakhalin-3 project. The 5,300 square km block is located on Sakhalin shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk. Sea depth in this area ranges from 25 to 150 meters.

Project participation:

  • Rosneft — 74.9%
  • Sinopec — 25.1%

Exploration of the Veninsky block began in the 1960s, and in the mid-1990s, seismic surveying activities were started there. In April 2003, Rosneft obtained a prospecting and exploration license to this block.

The existing project plan envisages onshore drilling of 5,000-8,500 meter-deep exploration wells using cutting-edge drilling techniques similar to those employed at Sakhalin-1. Assuming successful exploration results, all wells at the Veninsky block will be drilled using horizontal and directional drilling from both onshore and offshore platforms.

In 2006, the first prospecting well was drilled, tested and liquidated at the South-Aiyashskaya structure of the Veninsky block. As a result, prospective oil and gas-bearing strata were revealed and tests confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons. Drilling was carried with the help of the Kantan-3 floating semi-submersible drilling rig owned by the Shanghai Offshore Drilling Company.

Drilling of North-Veninskaya well No.2 at the Veninsky area in 2009 enabled a more accurate estimate of reserves at the North-Veninskoye field, which was discovered in 2008 thanks to drilling of a first well. Russian C1 and C2 reserves at the North-Veninskoye gas condensate field are estimated at 34 bln cubic meters of gas and 20.7 mln barrels (2.8 mln tonnes) of condensate.

Processing and interpretation of 2D seismic has been completed at the Veninsky area in 2010 in a transitional zone at the Monginskaya field section. The purpose of the work was to ascertain the nature of the Mongi-sea structure and prepare it for drilling. Reinterpretation of 3D seismic was completed, taking account of data from the North-Veninskaya-2 and Veninskaya-3 wells, which were drilled in 2009.

Exploration activities at the Veninsky block of Sakhalin-3

  2008 2009 2010
Exploration drilling, m 3,252 5,370 0
Number of exploration wells 1 2 0
2D seismic surveys, linear km 0 126 0
3D seismic surveys, sq. km 0 0 0



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