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Kurmangazy Structure (Kazakhstan)

Rosneft participates in a project to explore and develop the Kurmangazy structure, which is located in the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea shelf between the Kashagan and Shirotnoye fields.

Project participation:

  • Rosneft — 25%
  • KazMunaiGaz — 50%

The owner of the remaining 25% has not yet been determined; however, at the exploration stage Rosneft fulfils obligations for this stake. The Russian Federation has an option on the stake, which it can exercise once commercial hydrocarbons are discovered.

According to the project partners’ plans, exploration activities commenced in 2006 will last for another five years. If necessary, exploration stage can be extended. In May 2006, the first exploration well was drilled at the Kurmangazy structure. Although it did not reveal any hydrocarbon strata, valuable data were obtained regarding the structure’s geological properties.

The Kurmangazy project advanced in 2008 with processing, reprocessing and interpretation of 4,730 linear km of 2D seismic exploration data obtained in previous years. Rosneft also carried out complex interpretation of all available geological and geophysical data including those obtained from drilling in 2006 of well No.1. A site was chosen for prospecting well No.2, and preliminary engineering and geological work was carried out at the site. Well design and ecological baseline studies were completed.

A second well was drilled in 2009 as part of the Kurmangazy project, but geophysical testing failed to find hydrocarbons and the well was abandoned. A geochemical survey was carried out at 900 points as well as 303 linear km of electrical exploration. Results were used to develop a new geological model of the field and promising geological zones were identified for further study.

In 2010, addition 2D seismic work (115 linear km) was carried out in the Kurmangazy project, and data were processed and interpreted. All available geological and geophysical information on the Aday block was analyzed.

Exploration activities at the Kurmangazy structure

  2008 2009 2010
Exploration drilling, m 0 1,600 0
Number of exploration wells 0 1 0
2D seismic surveys, linear km 0 0 115
3D seismic surveys, sq. km 0 0 0

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