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Syzran Refinery

Syzran refinery in the Samara region is part of the Samara group of refineries acquired by Rosneft in May 2007.

The plant’s crude distillation capacity equals 8.9 mln tonnes (65.1 mln barrels) per year. The refinery processes West Siberian crude (produced by Yuganskneftegaz) as well as feedstock from Rosneft’s oil fields in the Samara region (Samaraneftegaz). The plant’s deep conversion facilities include catalytic reforming, fuel hydrotreatment, catalytic and thermal cracking, bitumen production, and gas fractioning units. Syzran Refinery produces a wide range of petroleum products, such as high-quality motor fuels, jet fuel, bitumen, etc. Prior to its acquisition by Rosneft, Syzran Refinery processed substantial volumes of the Company’s crude oil under tolling arrangements.

The plant construction began before World War II, and in 1942, the first petroleum products were produced. In the early 1970s, the refinery carried out a comprehensive expansion and upgrade program, which allowed increasing primary distillation capacity by 40% as well as achieving a 70% growth in fuel hydrotreatment capacity and bitumen production. In the 1990s, Syzran Refinery pioneered the production of high-octane unleaded gasoline in the Samara region.

The Syzran Refinery processed 6.53 mln tonnes (47.8 mln barrels) of oil in 2010, which is 2.1% more than in 2009, and produced 6.12 mln tonnes of saleable products. Refining depth was 65.2%.

Work continued to reduce irretrievable refining losses and fuel use. Losses were reduced to 0.97% of total refining volumes from 1.12% in 2009.

Construction of the isomerization unit was completed in the reporting year and testing-and-commissioning work on the unit was begun. A unit for separation of benzol fractions was brought into operation on the reforming unit. The new facilities will enable the Syzran Refinery to produce automotive gasoline that meets the requirements of the Government’s Technical Regulations.

A wet-catalysis unit for production of sulfuric acid was completed in 2010. Its commissioning will reduce pollution levels in the area around the Refinery.

Work continued on construction of a fluid catalytic cracking complex and a new unit for hydrotreatment of diesel fuel. Completion of these projects will enable production of high-quality fuels meeting class-4 and -5 standards.

Operating highlights of Syzran refinery

  2008 2009 2010
Crude distillation capacity
mln barrels 65.1 65.1 65.1
mln tonnes 8.9 8.9 8.9
Crude throughput
mln barrels 47.5 46.8 47.8
mln tonnes 6.49 6.40 6.53
Refining depth. % 66.7% 66.5% 65.2%
Petroleum product output, mln tonnes 6.05 5.98 6.12
gasoline (including naphtha) 1.24 1.22 1.22
diesel fuel 2.00 2.10 2.16
jet fuel 0.15 0.03 0.00
fuel oil 1.96 2.03 2.14
other 0.70 0.60 0.61

Contact Information

Full Name: OJSC Syzran Refinery

Acting General Director: Stezhko Konstantin Ionovich

Address: 1 Astrakhanskaya st., Syzran 446009, Samara region, Russia

Tel: +7 (8464) 98-81-11
Fax: +7 (8464) 98-81-22


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