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Lube refinery

In 2013 the general amount of lube refinery (including commercial oil), additives and other joint products increased by 37% and totaled 755 thousand tons.

The increase of production volume was generally provided by an effective integration of TNK-BP lube materials business, and by means of new assets.

As part of the integration process a project on harmonization of the production areas’ range of goods, the realization of an investment program on development and modernization has been carried out. Also a joint project with BP-Marine, a BP Group subsidiary, on marine oil production, labeled under Castrol, has been started.

Rosneft structure includes 5 big enterprises, producing oil and lube materials.

  • OOO “Novokuibyshevsk Oils and Additives Plant”
  • OAO “Angarsk Petrochemical company”
  • ZAO “Ryazan oil refinery company”
  • OAO NK Rosneft – Moscow “Nefteproduct” plant
  • OAO “Slavneft-YaNOS” refinery (Company-owned share)

The range of lube materials, produced at the Company’s plants, includes more than 900 articles (SKU) and can satisfy requirements of both large industrial enterprises and individual car owners.

In 2013 the total production of commercial oils on OOO “Novokuibyshevsk Oils and Additives Plant” (LLC), OAO “Angarsk Petrochemical company” (OJSC), OOO “Rosneft-Lubricants” (LLC) and OAO NK Rosneft – Moscow “Nefteproduct” plant was 588 thousand tons. At year-end 2013 Rosneft was second by the volume of oils produced and the first by the volume of additives in Russia. 


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