Rosneft is the leader of Russian refining industry. Sustainable development of downstream sector is one of the Company’s key strategic objectives. The main goal of Rosneft in this area is boosting volumes of high-quality production sales with high additional costs directly to the final consumer. To reach this goal, the Company is rapidly developing and boosting its refining capacities and sales network.

The structure of the Company includes nine major oil refining enterprises on the territory of Russia: Komsomolsk Refinery, Tuapse Refinery, Kuibyshev Refinery, Novokuibyshev Refinery, Syzran Refinery, Achinsk Refinery, Saratov Refinery, Ryazan Oil Refining Company and Angarsk Petrochemical Company.

The Company also owns four mini-refineries in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Timan-Pechora and the southern part of European Russia with overall annual capacity of 0.6 mln tons of oil per year as well as a stake in the Strezhevskoy mini-refinery in Western Siberia. In Germany Rosneft has stakes in four refineries in Germany with total capacity of 11.5 mln t (in the Company’s share).

The Company is also manufacturing petrochemical production in Russia on the Angarsk Polymer Plant, which is specializing on ethylene, propylene and polyethylene. The capacity of pyrolysis rig– the main technologic rig of the enterprise – is 300 thousand tons of ethylene per year. Rosneft is dynamically developing production of oils. The basic production sites are the Novokuibyshev Oils and Additives Plant and oil-producing plant, a part of the Angarsk Petrochemical Company as well as Nefteprodukt Moscow plant. The total capacity of these plants is about 600 thousand tons of finished product per year, including 460 tons of lube products. Neftegorsk and Otradnensk gas processing plants, total planned capacity of which is 1.8 bln cubic meters of gas per year, are also a part of Rosneft’s structure.

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