Ongoing development of the downstream segment is among Rosneft’s key strategic priorities. To increase the efficient sales of better-quality and higher value-added products to end customers, the Company constantly upgrades and expands its refining and marketing infrastructure.

The Company currently owns and operates seven large refineries in Russia with an aggregate annual capacity of 372 mln barrels (50.9 mln tonnes) and four mini-refineries. Rosneft’s plants are able to process about 45% of crude oil produced by the Company. Rosneft owns as well a 50% stake in Ruhr Oel GmbH, the owner of stakes in four refineries in Germany with overall capacity of 23.2 mln tonnes. In the medium term, Rosneft will intensify efforts to further expand its refining infrastructure. The Company will also continue upgrading its existing refineries to foster the production of petroleum products meeting the latest environmental standards.

Rosneft is currently the second largest national oil company by retail network, which covers 41 region of Russia and includes 1,800 service stations. In future, the Company plans to maintain its focus on extending and optimizing the marketing network.

Rosneft also owns several large marine terminals that enjoy favorable locations and ensure efficient exporting of crude oil and petroleum products. Seeking to improve the balance between its export capacity and planned crude oil and petroleum product output, the Company implements a comprehensive program to upgrade and further expand its marine terminals.

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